Gendered Education

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Gender Studies [en:field:field_program_of_study:#allowed_values:Гендерні студії]

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The discipline refers to the disciplines of student selection of the block from the List 4. The course provides students with basic knowledge about the current state of gender relations and gender order in the field'of education (preschool, school, high school) in Ukraine. In particular, students will consider such topics as: theoretical approaches to the analysis of the gender order of education, gendered content of education, gendered educational environment and communication, gender inequality in access to education, gender stereotypes and segregation in education, gender mainstreaming in education, anti-discrimination expertise of educational content, feminist and gender-sensitive pedagogy, etc. They will learn about the role of feminism in creating equal access for women and men to education, the legal regulation of gender equality in education, and the basics of feminist pedagogy. The course is based on a combination of lectures and practical classes. The main activities of the practical classes are discussions, presentations, group work, as well as independent conduct of anti-discrimination examination of school textbooks by students.

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