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Sociology (language of instruction - English) [en:field:field_program_of_study:#allowed_values:Соціологія (мова навчання англійська) / Sociology]

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The course develops basic proficiency and communication skills in Ukrainian language. Students get acquainted with the basics of Ukrainian grammar: declension of nouns, adjectives and pronouns (personal, possessive, indicative); types of verbs; present, past and future tenses of verbs, creation of qualitative adverbs; numerical and ordinal numbers, etc. Students develop skills of writing and reading in Ukrainian, ability to correctly reproduce oral speech in writing, participate in dialogues of everyday, partially socio-cultural and professional topics, implement the following communicative intentions in Ukrainian: to communicate, get acquainted with anyone, to present oneself or another person, to greet, say goodbye, address to anyone, thank, apologize, ask questions and inform about a fact or event, person, subject, about the presence or absence of an object or person, about the quality, belonging of the subject, about an event, action, place of action, its cause, to express a wish, request, invitation, proposal, consent or disagreement, refusal, attitude, to assess a person, subject, fact, action, etc.

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