Educational Laboratory of Sociological and Educational Research

Our mission:
By providing quality analytical support and shaping the need for it among key actors in the educational process to promote sustainable and balanced social development of the University as a community of stakeholders in the face of challenges of our time (globalization, commercialization and democratization of education, diffusion of education and career).
Our values:
  • Inclusion - education is a public good, and the university is a common asset that should be open and sensitive to all stakeholders in the educational process;
  • Interaction- analytical practice should be aimed at ensuring multilateral interactive communication among actors in the educational process;
  • Benefit - as a unit of the university, whose motto contains the word "Utilitas", we believe that our analytical work should be of practical benefit to the university, and the university should be of social benefit to the country.
Our goals:
  • To establish systematic cooperation with customers and partners outside the university;
  • Engaging employees outside of the academic environment;
  • Involvement of the Laboratory in the educational process as a place of practical training and internship for students of the Faculty of Sociology of KNU (in the future - also other universities).
Vision of perspectives:
  • To reorganize the Laboratory into a Training and Analytical Center for Sociological and Educational Research;
  • To form an understanding of the value of analytics in the university administration and become its main internal supplier;
  • Through public relations and cooperation with external partners, strengthen the institutional capacity and stability of the laboratory;
  • Increase the number of staff to at least 10;
  • To become a performer of strategic monitoring research for Kyiv National University and the Ministry of Education and Science;
  • To establish cooperation with partner organizations in the EU in order to borrow best practices in improving the quality of educational services and public relations;
  • Cover the area of big data work.

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Laboratory Regulations (in Ukrainian)

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