KVN at the Department of Sociology

            KVN at the Department of Sociology began long ago, no one remembers when. But if the contact numbers and those who have something to remember it all looks like.

           With 2001 to 2004 representatives, then the combined faculty of sociology and psychology, played in the university league. It played probably the first generation of our team of KVN, so to speak, "grandfathers of our grandfathers." In the national team of university they went to play KVN Association of Ukraine (ACU).

           In 2004. changed composition of our team, he, so to speak, a little pomolodshav. At the recap KVN Department of Sociology and Psychology "Basic Instinct" were: Timothy Brik, Konoshevich Vladimir Budnik Anastasia, Chernetsov Eugene, Alexander Kowalski and many other creative boys and girls. They became the champions of the Cup of Rector of the University KVN with god knows which time :) (To be precise, it is the fourth). At the peak of fame took a young team and also helped them become champions of the Cup of Rector KVN Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University in season 2008-2009 years .. So here are two consecutive winners. Hooray!

           KVN team "Basic Instinct" is the only university in which more than 10 years has not changed its name! That such continuity.

            2004 - 2006 s. "Basic Instinct" was playing in various club championships in Kyiv. In the Club "RA" reached the finals and even took some pride of place. Seemingly, second J. Won the set. The club «Saxon» also reached the finals, but were already somewhere in third place. Won any discounts or coupons for costumes Voronin (he was a sponsor).

            2005 - 2008 years .. "Basic Instinct" played in KVN Association of Ukraine (ACU). With interruptions. Reached the semifinals ACU Cup and reached somewhere in the Student League ACU. Playing in KVN Association of Ukraine, the team twice went to the Festival League in New York, played in Kirovograd, Odessa, Lugansk, Kiev. We flew Cup semifinals ACU team of Nikolayev, who then played in Ukrainian Higher League of KVN (UL). So behold.

           In 2009 «Basic Instinct" played in the league of KVN Slobozhansky amic TTO. Up two games in Odessa. Then we moved and was in Simferopol league. We played a good game there, and then passed through certain circumstances could not play there more. Our rivals were there, such as team Crimea, which is then played in the top league of KVN in Moscow.

           Also in 2009 the Social-psycho while playing in the first season of the Kiev region faces KVN Shelf, which reached the finals.

           In 2011 and 2012, "Basic Instinct" won silver in the competition for the Cup of Rector of KVN Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University.

           Currently, the team continues to travel to Ukraine and participate in various Ukrainian leagues KVN. Now "Basic Instinct" took place in the semifinal league of KVN Novovolynsk.

           Today in the national team KVN departments of sociology and psychology of "Basic Instinct" is played: Tom Bilous (Department of Sociology), Nick Ovchinnikov, Miroshnichenko (Department of Sociology), Justin Polyakov (Department of Sociology), Vitaly Kapustyan (Department of Sociology), Power Grinchuk (Department of Psychology), Nastia Sobko (Graduate Faculty of Sociology).

           Come root for us to play! We play for you and for you.


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