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About the program

Faculty of Sociology Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine) in cooperation with Faculty of Social Sciences Lund University (Sweden) open the first in Ukraine MA program “Gender Studies” (with major in sociology) .

MA program “Gender Studies” (with major in sociology) aimed at professional competences in sociological research, critical and analytical rethinking of social and gender issues. Gender studies gives a multidisciplinary research approach to study current processes and social changes in gender related enquiry, gender inequalities, core issues of the feminist and queer theories, civic activism. The program is focused on development of the competences of studentship in critical and analytical thinking, debates and assessment of the core ideas of social theories and research findings, methods of sociological research of gender issues and gender expertise, development and management of social projects with gender equality approach.

MA Gender Studies will become a successful follow up to social and humanities BA studies in various specialities, as gender competence is needed for all the professions in politics, economics, law, culture, arts, massmedia, social relations.

MA program Gender Studies is a chance to get better understanding of oneself and society around, gives professional capacities on sociological research and gender approach to social problems studies, prepares both to the further academic work, and professional occupations in sociological and gender studies, management of the personnel, public relations, mass communication and advertising, social policy, state service, international and non-governmental organizations, etc.

Duration of study: 2 years (4 semesters) 120 ECTS credits.

Languages of study: Ukrainian and English

Graduates of the program receive a Master's degree diploma in Sociology (educational program "Gender Studies") of  Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The third semester of studies is in English and includes option for exchange (academic mobility) students.

This program also gives an opportunity (which is optional) to receive a Master’s degree (120 credits) in social studies of gender with professional qualification in sociology in Lund University (Sweden) (Conditions of double degree diploma)

Fees and expenses

In Ukraine: for 2017-2018 academic year - 34.000 UAH per year (fee for the 2018-2019 year can be changed, please see. information on university web site

In Sweden: please visit Lund university website can be covered by different scholarships, (for example, Erasmus+ student exchange program) if a student will get one, or by the students themselves.

How to apply?

Admission to Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Regulations

Conditions of Double Degree Diploma

Students apply to this Programme at their home university in accordance to actual admission rules. Eligible to apply the the Programme are students who are enrolled in the Master´s programmes in Social Studies of Gender or Sociology at Lund University and students at KNU who are enrolled in a Master´s programme at the Faculty of Sociology, have a Bachelor´s degree in sociology, a minimum average grade in their Bachelor´s studies equivalent to 3.0 in cumulated grade point average (CGPA) out of 4, C in the ECTS grading scale, and B in the American grading scale, not less then 75 in a 100 points scale, and the following proficiency in English: A TOEFL score of at least 575 (Internet Based score: 90), or an IELTS score of at least 6.5 (with no score less than 5.5).

The students fulfilling the requirements for a double degree will be awarded a Degree of Master in Sociology with specialization in Gender Studies at KNU and a Degree of Master of Science (120 credits) in Social Studies of Gender with a major in sociology at Lund University. Requirements  includes successful study at Faculty of Sociology (Kyiv) 1,2 and 4ht semesters and the 3d semester at Lund University (Sweden), or successful studies at Faculty of Social Sciences (Sociology of Gender Studies program) Lund University  and the 3d semester at Faculty of Sociology Taras shevchenko National University of Kyiv;  The MA Thesis  within the field of gender issues is written in English; it is supervised by the assigned professors and assessed by a joint evaluation committee from the Department of Sociology in Lund and the Faculty of Sociology at KNU.

Fees and expences for study in Sweden

There is no tuition fees will be levied on students participating in the Programme of exchange. The Competition to the Programme of exchange is done on the basis of rating of studies excellence, English proficiency and interviews. The students will continue to pay tuition fees at their home university. All other expenses incurred will remain the personal responsibility of each exchange student or could be covered with scholarships (for ex. Erasmus+ academic mobility competitions).

The list of courses

  • Methodology and Organization of Scientific Research with Basics of Intellectual Property; Prof .Tsymbalyuk N.М.
  • Advanced Methods of Data Analysis in Sociology) Dr.Gorbachyk А.P.
  • Research Paradigms in Social Sciences  Dr.Sobolevska М.О.
  • Methodology of Social Inequalities Studies  Prof.Kutsenko О.D.
  • Professional and Corporate Ethics  Prof.Tsymbalyuk N.М.
  • Quantitative Methods: Multivariative Analysis  Dr.Sydorov М.V-S.
  • Gender, Age, Class, Nation: Cross-sectional Analysis; Dr.Babenko.S.S, assistant Kharchenko О.І.
  • Methods of Qualitative Data Analysis Dr.Marchenko А.М.
  • Evaluation Research in Sociology Dr. Mazuryk О.V.
  • Critical Feminist Perspective in Modern Sociology Dr. Males L.V
  • Academic writing  Dr. Males L.V
  • Gender, Body and Sexuality Dr. Chervinska T.G.
  • Feminist Critics of Classical Social Theory Dr. Chervinska T.G.
  • Social and Feminist Movements in World, Europe, Ukraine Dr.Foster L.F.
  • Gender Sociolinguistics Dr.Males L.V
  • Sociology of Gender Dr.Babenko.S.S, assistant Kharchenko О.І.

Elective courses – one from the each block

  1. Gender Order Transformation in Post-socialist Ukraine and Europe Dr.Males L.V
    OR Current Challenges to Sociology and Global Development Dr.Babenko.S.S,. Dr.Tsymbal Т.V.
  2. Gender and Family: Parenting and Care in Ukraine Dr.Males L.V., Dr.Strelnik О.О.
    OR Current Challenges to Sociology and Global Development  Dr.Babenko.S.S, Dr.Tsymbal Т.V.
  3. Gender Expertise and Gender Audit Dr.Males L.V., assistant prof. Kharchenko О.І.
    OR · Sociological Research and Social Projects Dr.Marchenko А.М.
  4. Gendered Education аs. Kharchenko О.І.
    OR Gendered Life Course and Life Success Dr. Babenko.S.S,.
  5. Gender Analysis of Mass Media Dr. Vilkova О.Y.
    OR · Biographical Method in Social Research Dr. Marchenko А.М.
  6. Psychological Consulting
    OR · Qualitative Research Methods in Gender Studies Dr.Marchenko А.М.        
  7. Sociology of Masculinity and Men's Studies) Dr.Chervinska T.G.
    OR · Social Networks Analysis Dr. Marchenko А.М.

In the second year of study, students have two  Internships:

  • Fieldwork "Sociological research on gender issues"
  • Internship on Gender Expertise

Bases of practices: leading sociological research and scientific institutions (Institute of Sociology of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, Yaremenka Institute for Social Research etc.), as well as state authorities and NGOs

Basic competence of gender studies program graduates

  • Knowledge and skills of social surveys conducting, using different methods of data collection and analysis
  • Knowledge of basic sociological theories. Ability to formulate and analyze inconsistencies in theoretical positions and practical dimensions of gender, class, employment, education, ethnicity, family and sexuality in modern societies change,
  • Competences of quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Basic knowledge of gender theory and the ability to apply it in practice
  • The skills of social deconstruction, including gender order
  • Gender audit and expertise conducting
  • Making analysis of social phenomena and processes
  • Skills of group work in projects
  • Academic texts and analytical reports writing

Where can I find a job after successful graduation?

  • International organizations and funds
  • Scientific institutions and educational programs
  • Public Service
  • Private companies
  • NGOs
  • Media

Contact us:

The Head of the MA Program "Gender Studies" Dr.Svitlana Babenko 


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Knowledge branch: 05 Social and behavioral sciences
Field of study: 054 Sociology
Program of study: Gender Studies
Program ID: 50156
Level of higher education: 2nd (master)
Higher education degree: master
Degree title: Master of Sociology
QF EHEA cycle of higher education: 2nd
Level in the National Qualifications Framework of Ukraine: 7th
Level in the EQF-LLL: 7th
Accreditation: Certificate of accreditation НД-ІV №1156351 of February 12, 2013
Program type: academic
Form of enrolment: full-time
Language of instruction: Ukrainian, English
Duration of study: 2 years
Prerequisites: bachelor degree diploma in any field of study
Eligibility: Ukrainian and foreign citizens
Sources of tuition coverage: State funds, private funds of students
Tuition per year: ≈ 50 000 UAH (≈ 2 000 USD)*

* Tuition fee is revised annually. Up-to-date amount is published after the 1st of July of each year and remains fixed until graduation of each student

Program curator: Dr. Svitlana Babenko