SSA-YSC KNU - scientific youth self-governing organization, the Union of Scientific Societies Students faculty and institutions that promote the development of science and the emergence of interest in science among youth of the University ...

Scientific Association of Students Kiev National Taras Shevchenko is a successor of the best traditions of the Ukrainian Scientific Society of Students of the University St. Volodymyr established in 1918, the Science Student Society (SSS) of the Kiev State University, founded in 1935 ...

The purpose of the SSA KNU is to create conditions for the disclosure of scientific and creative potential of individuals enrolled in the University, developing in them scientific thinking and research skills, promote various fields of science, the development of innovation, organizational support for the University to optimize the scientific and educational work.

Regulatory documents


We invite you to participate in a wiki created by the promotion of sociology. Knowledge of the public about the nature and specificity of sociology fairly limited, and Wikipedia serves as an important source of knowledge, but most important articles on sociological topics there are no. And yet they are needed, as evidenced by at least looked at the wiki article "Sociology", which today has a rather poor condition, and in spite of this, it is popular with almost 121 300 000 Ukrainian Wikipedia articles. Thus, our work has space for work and, more importantly, demand.

How can we help? In case we have two activities - editing (wikificate) articles are created through collaboration with teachers and create their own articles. In the first case to improve the articles that were written by our colleagues for additional points in the second - take the initiative to create. List of articles to be wikificated seriously expand or create can be viewed on the Project on Wikipedia.

International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference of Students and young scientists named "Shevchenko spring"

Sociology and modern social change:

The conceptual framework of modern theories of social change

Social change as a problem of empirical social research


Discussion Club

Discussion Club - a community of people who are interesting current sharp contemporary themes.

Came so they meet regularly and discuss the movie or book with an interesting social issues.

Informing students about education and training opportunities

This project was created as part of the SSA Department of Sociology and aims to familiarize students with the possibilities of obtaining international and state grants and scholarships.

Our objectives are:

- Help each potential scholar to realize themselves in their research activities;

- Establish coordination among stakeholders;

- Integrate Ukrainian sociology in international space.

SSA faculty of sociology in social networks:

The Young Scientists Council is a self-administrative organization that consolidates students and young scientists of sociological faculty. YSC's activity is oriented on two main goals: 1) creating useful conditions for scientific research and 2) eliminating severance between scientific research and faculty education. YSC was established on October 17, 2014.