Student Parliament of the Faculty of Sociology - an independent, democratic, non-profit student organization and the highest executive authority of student government. Student Parliament is a governing authority that embodies the major areas of life at the faculty. It comprises a group of like-minded, driven, positive, energetic and talented people. The main goal of Student Parliament is to protect students’ interests and rights, and to promote the harmonious development of each individual student into a skilled organizer, supervisor and specialist. The main tasks of the Students Parliament of the faculty of sociology: 1. The control of the provision of the rights and interests of students; 2. Ensuring that the students do their responsibilities; 3. Encouraging the educational, researching and creative activity of students 4. Encouraging the establishment of various students' clubs, communities, associations and the coordination of their activities 5. The organization of the leisure time of students 6. Assistance in employability of students and graduates Departments: 1. Social Department; 2. Sports Department; 3. Department of cult masses; 4. Information Department. 5. Independent Department