Trade union

Trade union commitee - a united organization of staff and students of the University. This is the apolitical organization in Ukraine, which has a strong legal framework that allows to solve various issues that may arise throughout your university studies.
Trade union functions :

  • Trade union committee at all levels represents and protects the rights and interests when determining and calculating grants, the educational and scientific processes, the establishment of payment for accommodation in hostels and so on.
  • Unless the trade union activists, students can not be expelled from the university and evicted from the hostel for reasons not related to the educational process.
  • Thanks to the trade union you can get reduced monthly tickets for metro and other public transport.
  • With the trade union you can relax during the holidays at sea, the mountains or on the bases of the University.
  • Because you can trade union on favorable terms during training invigorated in the sanatorium-preventive University.
  • In the trade union you can make a international student identity card (ISIC), which entitles involved in the assistance and cooperation with students in different countries and receive discounts as both these countries, and Ukraine.
  • Trade union committee provides advice to existing social programs, rights and responsibilities of students at the university and the city of Kiev and can help arrange for you all types of financial aid and awards.
  • Thanks to the trade union you can find a job on a part-time and during holidays.
  • Thanks to the trade union you can learn, work and rest abroad.

If you want to live and study with dignity, to know their rights and be able to defend them - Enters UNIONS!