Sociology of Gender

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Gender Studies [en:field:field_program_of_study:#allowed_values:Гендерні студії]

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The discipline gives the student (s) the systematization of knowledge about the specifics of the sociological approach of gender studies, the current state of gender relations and gender in Ukraine in comparison with other contemporary societies. Student (s) and get acquainted with international comparative research that includes gender issues and use this data to further research in the field of gender studies. The course is based on a combination of lectures and practical classes. The main activity in practical classes is discussion, analysis of primary and secondary sociological data. At the end of the course, the student (k) and submit an analytical report (up to 10 pages) on the sociological analysis of one of the topical issues of gender policy, based on published publications and sociological data \ or own research intelligence. Teaching and learning in English to enhance the professional ability of students who study in the MA Program.

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