Letter of Support from the Slovene Sociological Association

Dear Ukrainian colleagues!

On behalf of the Slovenian Sociological Association, I would like to express our deep support for the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian sociologists in particular. Last week we prepared a public statement in which we strongly condemned Russian aggression against Ukraine. We are also willing to offer logistic support to our Ukrainian colleagues deciding to find refuge in Slovenia. We kindly ask you to spread this information among your colleagues who are already on their way or might need to escape the war in the future.

I hope you and your family are personally well, given the circumstances. If you find it feasible, we would also like to invite you to give an address to Slovenian sociologists via Zoom. We organize monthly online meetings and would appreciate to start the next one with your address. We think it is important that voices of Ukrainian people are heard everywhere.

With warm regards and best wishes,

Hajdeja Iglič
President of the Slovene Sociological Association