„Presentation and Analysis of Spatial Data“ by Dr. Thomas Wöhler (Uni Konstanz), 5-11 October


„Presentation and Analysis of Spatial Data“

Dr. Thomas Wöhler, Uni Konstanz

When: From 5th to 11th of October 2016 

Where: Sociology Faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, room 504

What: workshop about Presentation and Analysis of Spatial Data. Spatial data, also known as geospatial data, is information about a physical object that can be represented by numerical values in a geographic coordinate system. Generally speaking, spatial data represents the location, size and shape of an object on planet Earth such as a building, lake, mountain or township. Spatial data may also include attributes that provide more information about the entity that is being represented. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or other specialized software applications can be used to access, visualize, manipulate and analyze geospatial data. This is any data that can be mapped.

Workshop consists of 9 sessions. Each session has an introduction by lecturer and exercises for the students. Therefore, the students need to have a personal computer. Will be used two programs, both of them are open source: R with RStudio and QGIS

For whom: for students, PhDs, lecturers and scientists

Language: English

Registration: Registration will go up to 20 th of September (last day of registration possibility). Will be selected up to 15 participants during 5 days.

Workshop is free of charge but attendance on lectures and practical work is mandatory. Only after successful completion participants will receive certificates.

After confirmation of participation you will receive additional materials, papers and software.