"Core Concepts of Qualitative Research. From Grounded Theory and Sequence Analysis" (24-28 September | Workshop report)

Last Friday students and teachers of our faculty completed one-week training course “Core concepts of qualitative research: From Grounded Theory and sequence analysis” by Dr. Thorsten Berndt and Anush Yeghiazaryan, University of Konstanz, Germany. The course was dedicated to the new qualitative strategies of data collection and analysis in sociology.

The course consisted of interesting lectures and presentations, intriguing practical exercises and inspiring collective discussions on pros and cons of qualitative methods usage in sociological researches. We are deeply grateful to every participant and organizer of this great event, but especially to Dr. Thorsten Berndt and Anush Yeghiazaryan for their efforts and communication openness during all this time.

Here are few opinions of course participants collected from Facebook:

Anastasia Forostiana, 3-year BA student:

“The most inspiring and useful week in the last month!
I appreciate this opportunity to be involved in intensive seminars on qualitative research by Faculty of Sociology | Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and University of Konstanz.

Cozy atmosphere + professional lecturers + nice people around + high concentrate of ideas + practical cases = success

Hope to see you all next year.”

Anastasia Fitisova, PhD-student of the Faculty of Sociology 2014-2017:

"Many thanks to Dr. Thorsten Berndt and Anush Yeghiazaryan from the University of Konstanz for fascinating experience in studying qualitative methods. Due to this comprehensive seminar, I have changed my attitude to the Grounded Theory, mostly based on a vague previous understanding of this topic. I am inspired to study these methods further and apply its procedures and principles in future research. I also want to thank for introducing to the hermeneutics method of analysis in qualitative research, that is not (well) known among Ukrainian sociologists. It was the absolutely unusual experience of text's interpretation. Finally, I would like to thank my Alma Mater, especially to the Faculty of Sociology, that has put many efforts to organize such an amazing seminar."

Olena Hershman, assistant professor of the faculty:

“It was really great and fruitful time for me at Faculty of Sociology to study new about methods of qualitative data analysis. Thanks to all participants and organizers for this workshop – you are amazing!”

Mykola Sydorov, Head of the Department of Methodology and Methods of Sociological Research, Faculty of Sociology:

“Today, the workshop on the core concepts of qualitative research by Dr. Thorsten Berndt and Anush Yeghiazaryan was successfully completed. It was cool! I congratulate all the participants!”

Oksana Danylenko, Professor of Sociology in the Karazin University, Kharkiv, Ukraine:

“Excellent course! It was very thoughtful; many nuances of qualitative methods have been disclosed in a variety of important details. Thanks!”.

Yieliena Kovalska, assistant professor of the faculty:

1. The ability to communicate in two (English and Russian), and later in three (German) languages, opened new facets of mutual understanding. Communication was definitely more than in past seminars.
2. Qualitative methods are understandable, I, as a follower of the quantitative methodology, have fewer questions :) I was able to interest, and experience with objective hermeneutics will remain with me forever :))
3. It was interesting all the time: both in lectures and during the practical part.
4. Examples selected accurately illustrate the features of the methods.


We look forward to continued collaboration with University of Konstanz and new interesting events next year.